Achieve the Ultimate, Salon Worthy Bouncy Blow Dry with These Top Tips

Woman showing off her bouncy hair blow dry style that was created by using a revlon hair dryer brush

Ever wanted a salon-worthy bouncy blow dry from home? We know the feeling. Who doesn’t want to rock Kate Middleton style curls on the daily? Nothing compares to the insane volume, beautiful curls and silky shine that the Duchess manages to achieve. Well, with the right products and technique (hello blow dry brush!), you can learn how to blow dry hair for the full royal effect too and flaunt your most impressive at-home blow dry yet.

What Is a Blow Dry?

Your hair’s greatest BFF, a blow dry is a styling process where you apply hot air to damp hair using a hairdryer or blow dry brush. Great for every hair type, a bouncy blow dry at home can transform your look in under 20 minutes, leaving hair soft, silky and frizz-free. It’s a look that just can’t be achieved by air drying alone!

How to Blow Dry Hair for Volume

Step 1: Rough-Dry First

Drying your hair when it’s still soaking wet not only takes ages, but also uses unnecessary heat. We suggest towel-drying hair first to remove excess water and detangling with a comb or brush. Remember, your hair should still be slightly damp after this step. You don’t want it fully dry yet!

Step 2: Part and Section Your Hair

Our top tip for the ultimate bouncy blow dry at home? Splitting your hair into smaller sections makes achieving your salon-worthy look much easier. Start by finding your parting with the tail-end of a comb for even volume distribution. As you start drying, it might help to divide hair into smaller sections from ear to ear.

Step 3: Start Drying

Now your hair is parted, it’s time to start drying. Select the high setting for thick hair and the low setting for thin hair.Take your blow dry brush (the Revlon One Step Original Hair Dryer and Volumiser is a great choice!) and begin drying. Blow dry each section by lifting hair from the root and wrapping it around the barrel. Gently pull through the hair, alternating between different angles towards the ends for a fuller, bouncier look. To create long-lasting, voluminous curls, pin each section to the top of the head. Leave to cool completely, then release the hair to reveal beautifully natural curls. Repeat this motion on remaining sections until the desired look is achieved. Our famous One Step Original Hair Dryer and Volumiser blow dry brush has 3 heat and 2 speed settings for ultimate styling flexibility and control, which is exactly what you need for a salon-worthy blow dry.

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Step 4: Style Ends

Roll the round blow dry brush inwards at the bottom of each section of hair and slowly unravel to set a perfect, smooth curl. Continue this technique on all sections to create a beautiful bouncy blow dry that frame the face.

Step 5: Finish with a Cool Shot

Once you’re happy with the look, finish off with our cool shot setting for styling flexibility. A crucial step in how to blow dry hair for volume, the cool shot will set the shape created, frame your face, and close the cuticle for a smooth, frizz-free finish.

Step 6: Style It Out and Lock It In

After all your hard-work and determination, you don’t want it going anywhere! Always make sure to lock your fresh, bouncy blow dry in place with a few styling products. Add a touch of texturising spray for extra volume and follow with hairspray to lock your look in place. You don’t want stiff hair with no movement! So, for more natural, voluminous results, use a flexible-hold spray. Now you know how to blow dry hair for the perfect salon-worthy look, that voluminous shine is right at your fingertips!