Find the Best One Step Hot Air Styler for Your Hair Type

Women using the revlon volumiser plus which is the best hot air styler for her hair type

If you didn’t already know, hair dryers aren’t a one size fits all – and it’s the same for hot air styler brushes. Different hair types have different needs, so it’s important that we listen to our hair and give it the best treatment possible!

If you’ve got naturally short hair, you shouldn’t be using the same dryer as your bestie with long locks. Short or long, thick or thin, it’s important to find the best hair dryer brush for you.

Why Is Finding the Best Hot Air Styler So Important?

With different textures, lengths and conditions, you need to cater to your hair’s needs. Buying any old hair dryer without reading up on it first can lead to unwanted damage – and nobody wants that!

If you take the time to learn about the different hot air styler available, you can avoid wasting time using a dryer that’s actually damaging your hair. Luckily, we can make you a blow dryer brush expert in no time!

Why Use a Hot Air Styler for Your Hair?

Questioning why you should opt for a hot air styler over your normal dryer? Let us tell you! Our hot air stylers are 2-in-1 revolutionary styling tools that combine the power of a dryer and the volume of a styler into one! This 2-in-1 benefit allows you to save time and reduce damage when styling hair as you’re using only one hair appliances instead of two.

Our One-Step hot air stylers are tailored to all hair types and lengths, transforming locks to the best they can be – they didn’t become TikTok famous for no reason!

The Best Hot Air Stylers for Your Hair Type

Now that you know the properties and benefits of the different hot air stylers, it’s time to find the right one for you!

Mid to Short Hair

Short hair, don’t care! When hair is on the shorter side, it can be hard to find a blow dryer brush that is small enough to create the volume that other hair lengths can so easily achieve. You want a brush small enough to get to the root, but not so small that you lose volume.

Our One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumiser Mid to Short Hair is the best hot air styler for short hair! With a 30%* smaller oval brush design, you can create both volume at the root and beautifully curled ends.

With Ionic technology for less frizz and more shine, and Ceramic coating for reduced heat-damage, hair is left looking healthy, smooth and perfectly styled!

*compared to classic volumiser

Long Hair

Got long locks that take forever to dry? We’ve got your back! Say goodbye to hours of drying and styling, and hello to a quick blow-dry with our One-Step Classic Volumiser.

A faster blow-drying experience is in sight with the 820W Airflow dryer motor that promotes a salon-worthy bouncy blow in up to half the time! Detangler pins help to dry hair faster and boost volume for the ultimate Rachel Green-inspired finish.

Thin Hair and Layered Hair

To all our thin-haired girls that want that extra oomph of volume without the heat damage, here you go!

In the past, ultimate volume meant ultimate heat, aka lots of unwanted damage! But with our One Step Styler Booster, you can dry and style locks in less time for quicker results with reduced damage.* With a new and improved design and shape, this hot air styler gives greater control over hair layers and adds volume to the roots, even for the finest hair types.

*vs dryer and styling separately

Thick Hair

While our One-Step Hair Dryer and Styler is suitable for any hair type, it will work really well on thick hair too.

Designed with a large paddle and detangling bristles, this hot air brush gets through thick hair to dry and style in half the time of standard hair drying.

Ionic technology helps to condition and smooth hair for reduced frizz and increased shine. You’ll no longer need to spend hours drying locks with this hot brush hair dryer!

One-Step Hair dryer and Volumiser Mid to Short Hair

4.55 Stars 20 Reviews

One-Step Original Hair Dryer and Volumiser

4.64 Stars 22 Reviews